MOMpreneur Balancing Act


Mompreneur is a neologism defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.

Also see : Crazy Ass BossMom that dreams too big, works too hard, and is just trying not to lose her shit on a daily basis all while raising her beautiful children. Praying each day asking God for help and reassurance that she is, in fact doing her best and begging him to please help make sure these precious children don't turn out to be little assholes.

But really... I am doing my best. I never dreamed of being an entrepreneur, I've just always had a hard time taking orders from others. That sounds terrible but it's true. I mean I'll totally do it and do it right, but I'm not gonna looooove doing it unless it's mine. My idea, my creativity, my dream. That's why I didn't choose this MOMpreneur life, it chose me.
These Aloha Funday Tees are so me and my little Joey May!  She's a free spirit, fun seeker, and always ready for an adventure. 


My mom stayed home with my two sisters and I but she always had that entrepreneurial spirit. She was a seamstress and probably the very first movement of the "MOMpreneur" she always had gobs of sewing to do for others and plenty of projects of her own. Our living room could've easily been the storefront for Etsy. No joke. She was always busting out new projects and chipping in those few extra dollars to help pay the bills. My dad was was the poster child for the blue collar, hard working American man of the house. He worked 8-5 for the gas company and then came straight home to his wife and kids and started the dad thing, never missing a beat.  I watched them do it and it seemed so easy!  Boy was I wrong!  
With the MOMpreneur title comes the mom guilt bullshit.  The guilt that makes me want to say F it and stay home with my kids, let them destroy the house, and snuggle half the day away...and there are days we do just that!  But the mom guilt still frequently consumes me and it's hard to shake. Having an awesome supportive husband, a great team of employees, and a good trusty babysitter makes it a lot easier to balance life and give the mom guilt the bird.  
...and yes, I'm totally trying to sell you these mommy and me matching tees.  Our Raises on Honky Tonk Tee is so Charley Jo. We don't call her "Good time Charley" for nothin'. This chick is a hoot. 
I've learned over the past five years of motherhood that BALANCE is the key! Schedules and structure are so important when raising little ones and running a business. Not only for them, but for me as well. I've taught myself to work and work hard only when the kids are at daycare. Get everything done before I pick them up. I'm talking everything! Laundry, dishes, cleaning (although shit got real when the third kid came along, and mama got herself a cleaning lady), emails, orders, and everyday business owner stuff. I don't want my kids to remember me scrubbing toilets, folding laundry, and glued to my iPhone. I want them to remember all the rad and wild adventures we went on because I got all that boring shit done while they were playing with their daycare friends.
Buster keeps it Rad 🤘🏼and I try to keep it wild 😜 ...these Tees though! 

I want to relax with my husband, pop open a cold one, turn on some honky tonk, and just watch our children play. Just like my parents did!

Isn't he RAD?!?! 😍😍😍
I know what you're thinking...good gravy, it's not all rainbows, fun, and sun, Shelly Jo. I know that and believe me when these kids are old enough to fold laundry, clean the house, and sort cows... by God they are going to do it! But for now, while they are little, we will do adventures, and picnics, and goofing off because that's how I remember my childhood. Owning our keeps and doing our chores but always balancing it out with fun and adventure.  So if you're a MOMpreneur struggling to keep the balance, just remember, your kids are little and they need you! Not you and your iPhone, or you and your 17 loads of laundry!  Just you being mommy. 

So here's to the MOMpreneurs! Go easy on yourselves...you're doing the best you can! The balancing act doesn't come easy, so just remember to make it fun, and wild, and be sure to dance it out and tip one back every once in awhile. 
 Warning ⚠️: Be very cautious when doing the mommy and me outfit thing. One bad sugar high, or a redheaded temper tantrum and you're busted. You can no longer act as if you don't know that cranky out of control child.  You my dear, have to claim them, because you have the matching t-shirt. That little asshole is all yours and there is no hiding from it. 
Shelly Jo
of The Rollin J
All photo credit goes to my girl, Kassidy Roth! 
She put up with a lot of me "losing my shit" to capture these amazing photos I'll cherish forever! Thanks girl! 

Vintage Floral Love

Vintage Floral Love

Love might be an understatement. Completely obsessed is more like it. When it comes to prints, Florals win big in my book! They are a must for every Spring and Summer wardrobe. Choose wisely and hold on tight because a good floral print will never go out of style! There's nothing better than the change of green grass, budding trees, and heaping baskets of blooming flowers! Why not have your wardrobe be just as lovely?!? Here are a few of my favorite florals yet this season...they all have a classic, vintage vibe to feed my old soul! I hope you love them just as much as I do!

I'm a firm believer that if you put a girl in yellow, the world has no choice but to smile back at her! This Yellow Floral Halter Dress has me smiling from ear to ear right now 😀🤗

Maxi dresses are always a hit!  The print of this Maxi makes me so happy! The ruffled off the shoulder detail is too cute for words and that vintage print reminds me of an old table cloth or cafe style kitchen curtains. Some might be turned off by that, but not this girl! Give me all the vintage patterns in the world I'll wear them with pride!

Blue and green Chiffon Kimono...this one puuuurdy!  I could see this at a framers market, or on the beach. Either way this gorgeous print is a classic keeper for many Springs to come.

These high rise floral shorts need to go to a Kacey Musgrave's concert with me this summer... imma get right on that!

We've had sooooo many requests for Dusters this year. When I find a duster I love, it doesn't last long. I'm bringing this one into our Spring and Summer collection and you better be quick to draw if you want to snag one... it's the most badass, beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on!

Last but definitely not least, this red and white floral blouse. Probably the root of my life long floral obsession. Growing up, my grandparents bathroom had the prettiest red and white vintage floral wall paper on every single wall! I'll never forget it and mannnnnn what I wouldn't do to get my hands on some of that now. This top would be perfect for Memorial Day or the Forth of July. The red and white with tiny bits of blue is so pretty and patriotic in a subtle way.

Now get out there, girl! Plant some flowers, find your florals, and rejoice in this time of year!

You are all together beautiful, my darling, there is no flaw in you.

- Song of Songs 4:7



Shelly Jo

WIFE | MOM | Floral obsessed | BOSS

of The Rollin J 




Mom Jean Monday


a lifestyle and fashion blog about being a mama to three, a wife to a cattle rancher, and the boss babe behind The Rollin J Boutique.

The "Mom Jean"
Embrace it ladies...these jeans are the next big thing whether you like it or not. I'm talking high waisted, long butt, straight eighties baby. (Am I selling them to ya yet?).

Seriously though, they really are a dream come true.  Tried and tested by yours truly, and let me tell you, I am a believer! The high waist keeps everything effortlessly in place bend after bend, lift after lift...you'll never have to adjust your shit again.  It's a step up to the long time favorite "Boyfriend Jean".  However, the "Mom Jean" has your back and is a little easier to trust.  Seriously so comfy and might I add super easy to wear too!

Distressed denim has always been our thing here at The Rollin J and we're happy to see it's still trending strong. Holy jeans are so great, it gives your toddlers something to do, grab, twist, rip...you name it they just can't keep their hands off of it! Plus it makes for good conversation with the older generation at the coffee shop.

Featured here are our Joe's Jeans Debbie Crops. Keep an eye out for more styles to hit the store this Spring and Summer. The "Mom Jean" is gonna be a hot one...even if you're not a mom!


Speaking of moms... who else can relate? Lol!

Thanks for reading! Have a super week! 


Shelly Jo

WIFE | MOM | BOSS of The Rollin J 

PS...you're really pretty!

Not Fancy. Super Tired. Always Hungry. But Lovely AF


A blog about life as a ranch wife, being a mother of three, and the owner of The Rollin J Boutique. 

Our big guy...The spotted steer.  Pretty much just a hay burner.  But when Lindsay Schmidt Photography comes around, he's the star of the show!  Thank you to my lovely friend for capturing so many stunning images of our beloved critters.

So here we are well into 2017... my last post was before Christmas which is quite appropriate beings that it takes me exactly this long to recover from the Holidays. Like seriously THAT was a whirlwind! The store was SO busy and we were certain we would see a slow down after Christmas, but much to our surprise, we haven't had a second to let the dust settle. Y'all have kept us going and going...and going and we couldn't be more blessed. So here's to you, our super loyal customers, our friends, and our family here at The Rollin J.

January went fast, like actually, where the hell did January go??? I'm still trying to figure that out. Now it's past mid February and you know what that means...or maybe you don't lol. It's calving season here at Rollin J Ranch. It is the most brutal, stressful, most exciting, and fulfilling time of being in the cattle ranching business. Me and calving season, yeah, we have a love hate relationship. My husband goes from sun up to sundown, with a few late night checks in between. Some checks are easy peasy, others, not so much. We have one rule...if he's doing anything "dangerous" to call me before he does it so I know to come looking for him when he doesn't come back in a timely manner. You never know if he got kicked in the head or ran over by some crazy mama cow. Just one super simple rule.

 However, if you know cowboys at all, you can probably figure that he has never to this day EVER given me that heads up call (Insert hand slap to the forehead).

It's his jam and he's pretty damn good at.  That still doesn't mean I don't worry about him while he's out there.  I only get called to order on very rare occasions these days. Like blizzards, mean heifers, and to "act like a fence" or "distract her so I can snag the calf" You see, having three very small children has put a damper on my calving assistance capabilities. I used to be pretty HANDY to have around, but right now I'm in total mom mode so Matt has to do a lot of the dirty work by himself.  But I try to help whenever I can. Someday the entire tribe will be out there helping daddy...he'll have so much "help" he won't know what to do with himself.

One night I got the call at 2:00am to "hold the spotlight". Liiiiiiiike, okay, what are we spotlighting? This sounds illegal...lets do it!  "Just a small pack of coyotes taunting a cow and her new baby calf" Well  heck yes, count me in!  So we propped the baby monitor up in the window and out we went. Just some normal "neglect your children for the sake of your animals" action going on here. Just kidding, we left a dog in the house to watch over things....and I could toooootally see the monitor from the calving pasture. So it's all good and everyone except that one pesky coyote ended up just fine.

The brunt of our operation... Cow/Calf commercial beef.  Mostly all black balancer beef cattle. Yes black lives matter, but we really enjoy our longhorn herd, mostly because they are so dang photogenic.

Bottom line, we love our critters.  We live for this lifestyle and love calving season even if it's a little stressful at times. We take pride in our herd and the fact that their genetics are top notch. Nothing has come easy for us and unlike the majority of cattle ranches, not a dime or acre of ours was inherited. It's how my husband was raised. His grandpa worked hard for everything he has, which then led to his dad having to work equally as hard to build his own operation.  So here we are three generations of self built, salt of the earth, hard working cattlemen and farmers.  It was inevitable that my husband wasn't going to stand around and wait for hand outs...he was going to build his dreams on his own and that he did!  

The hired hands.  Doing everything on horseback is the only way to go. It keeps the cattle calm and the cowboy's heart happy. 

He built everything we have from the ground up all by himself (with me cheering him on...98% of time;)) the other 2% of the time I was probably stomping off saying eff this, eff that, I'm effing over this. You want a fence?!? You build a fence!!! I'm done being your effing fence. <----See, it gets real when a husband and wife work cattle together. It isn't always sunshine and rainbows out here on the prairie.

When you're running on little sleep, high stress, and a crap ton of responsibilities, let's just say emotions tend to run a little high at times. But we love it! and we sure as heck wouldn't trade this lifestyle for the world!

 But best of all, our kids love it and we hope and pray that some day they will want to be right where we are doing the same thing...
...working hard for their dreams and doing what they love weather it be ranching, retail, anything just LOVE what you do and be passionate about work and life in general!
 It is definitely not a FANCY way to make a livin' (although we like to pretend like it is at times... my girls & I that is...not Buster and Matt)
We always seem to be TIRED and it never fails, someone or something is always HUNGRY.
But behind all the mud and the muck (aka cowshit and afterbirth) it truly is a LOVELY way to raise a family. 
LOVEY AF to be exact.
Doing what we love and seeing our children fall in love with this life more and more each day.
So here's to raising kids and critters and loving every second of it! 
Hope you enjoy and thank you so much for reading. Stay LOVELY! 
Shelly Jo
All T-shirts are available for purchase under the Tops section of our website.  We strongly suggest buying them all...;) 

Holiday Home Tour

Let me just start out by saying...I am from The Christmas City...born and raised in the tiny little village of Minden, Nebraska!  Where Christmas is kind of a big deal...as it should be.
Home to the most beautifully lit courthouse in the land and the "Light of the World" Christmas Pageant.
It is our little towns claim to fame.  A tradition that started back in 1915 and I think all of us hometown kids are pretty darn proud of OUR amazing town square. 
From Thanksgiving to New Years, year after year, my parents would "Buzz the Square" every time we were out and about cruising the town.  It's beauty still gets me every time.  We've passed the "Buzz the Square" tradition on to our children. I'll never forget the first time Charley saw the lights...she literally could not deal!  Her jaw dropped and she covered her eyes as if she couldn't believe what was is front of her...such big stuff for such little eyes! 
So that being said, that little Christmas City I call home gives me complete free rein to be over the top ridiculously crazy when it comes to the Holidays.  It's all I've ever known, and I'm pretty proud of it!  But who needs a reason to celebrate, other than the reason for the season, Jesus Christ!  It's his birthday...and that shit should not be taken lightly!  So let's do this!  Get your festive pants on, I'm taking you on a little holiday home tour of yours truly, WIFE | MOM | BOSS of The Rollin J, Shelly Jo Jarvis.  Filled with sappy sentimental Christmas traditions, lots of home decor, and an inside peek of our little life here at the Rollin J Ranch.  Oh, and a little fashion inspiration as well, after all, that is what this blog is all about;) 
First stop...cut a tree!  I like to get the tree up early!  When you work in retail, you jump the gun on the Holiday season.  This year we cut our tree the weekend before Thanksgiving.  CRAZY...I know...just save it. (Insert talk to the hand) 
Fresh out of the pasture...our "unique" cedar tree...Fancy AF!  (I see a new T-shirt in the future) Just give it a good shake to knock the critters out of it:/  The kids decorated it with their own Christmas ornaments as well as mine and Matt's from when we were kids.  Annnnnnd approximately 600 tiny white lights to help that sad sucker out.  It's ugly but we love it! 
Next it's nap time so this mama can do her own thing!  Kick the husband out to the cows and I went to town decking the halls! If you know me, you know I LOOOOVE to decorate!  It's my "artistic out" that I need from the daily grind we call life.  Makers gonna make, must create, weird artist thing going on here...it just makes me feel good.  My favorite artistic out at work is doing flat lays of outfits!  Seriously LOVE taking pictures of clothes...no joke!  *Note: I did not get all this done in one nap time...I'm not that good.  And if you know me, you know I'm as slow as Great Grandma's sweet maple molasses!  Why rush....pffff I ain't got time for that!  So without further ado, here's my little Holiday home tour of The Rollin J Ranch House we call Home.  
Chalk boards have become a staple in my home decor...they are so easy to change from season to season. And you bet your ass I'll have hot cocoa waiting for you if you come see me!  It might have some peppermint schnapps in it though...ya never know. 
Even our boots got a little festive!  
When Joey saw that I had put greenery in her boot she said (as sassy as can be) "Really mommy??? Decorations in my boot???"  I about died laughing... that girl is fuuuun-ny!
The Mudroom...were life happens.  Home of the meltdowns over missing mittens and miss matched boots.  Where this mama washes, drys, folds...repeats.  ER to freezing cold animals.  Where we nurse fresh baby calves and newborn puppies to life.  It's where our old dogs lay on cold winter nights.  We've even had a playful buffalo bust through the door before!  Most days it is full of chaos and craziness, but it has become one of my most favorite rooms in the house.  It's the first thing we see when we get home and it might always be messy and wild but it means we are finally HOME and I wouldn't want it any other way! 
Hang your hat up and stay awhile!  Our house is not that big but I managed to take 4,000 photos so get comfy y'all! 
I spy a spoiled cow dog. 
A small forest in vintage tins.  
Did someone say cow?
Where's the cow?
Just kidding...go back to sleep Mabes.
...annnnnd she's out!  Zzzz The rough life of Mabel.
Fake greenery that looks so real you can smell it! 
Pile on the pillows, plaids, and fur!  This house is not short in any of those departments.
This hutch...words cannot describe my love for this hutch.  It has a pretty amazing story behind it. (My dad will gladly tell you all about it over a cup of coffee) Long story short, it was my great grandparents, passed down from generation to generation and somehow I was the "chosen one" to receive it next.  I'd like to think my parents chose me to give it to over my two sisters (sorry sisters...not sorry) because of my love for all things old.  A little known fact about me, I wanted to be a pioneer SO BAD when I was little.  I just couldn't understand why I had to be born in the 1980's and not in the 1900's...whatever, I'm over it now!  Grow where (or in my case) "when" you are planted.  I'm not sure why they picked me to gift this big beautiful antique to, but I'm sure glad they did!  We use it as our "office" beings we filled our actual  office room with our third born child.  This hutch is the heart of the home and it makes me so happy! 
Santa is watching you...we start that around July and it seems to make life a little bit easier;) 
Snowflakes hanging from the chandelier. 
Santa's cookie plate I found junkin' with my mom one day.
I've started to frame our Christmas cards (like our own personal family cards that we send out each year) in festive frames...that way we can look back at how much everyone has changed. 
We've even got our own little piece of The Christmas City.  My mom had some canvases made for my sisters and I to hang in our homes during Christmas.  Very special!  Thanks Mama:)
A usually all white master bedroom gets a little bit of color during the holidays! 
The stocking were hung by the chimney with care...or kinda close anyway.  I found these adorable cutter quilt stockings on Etsy.  I used to hang out at honky tonks and rad parties but now you can find me kicking it on Etsy on a Saturday night.  I know I could make these just as easy, however, there is just something about cutting up a quilt...I just can't do it.  So I'll let someone else do it for me. 
I'd rather not see these bad boys go up in flames so I hung them under one of my favorite prints instead of directly over the fire place.  I hope our kids read this quote and live by it everyday of their lives! It's a powerful one!!!
Our nativity is one that is near and dear to my heart.  Given to me over a long period of time by some old family friends. They gave my sisters and I each one piece every year until all our nativities were complete. It's a tough one thank goodness because the kids are always playing with it.  They even gave baby Jesus a bath the other day. #neveradullmoment
Aztec, plaids, and an old quilt...that's my kind of combo! 
This yellow quilt was made by my Great Grandama on my mama's side...I  seriously get all the good stuff! 
Next up, Buster's room.  This little guy is all boy!  Rough and tough and buck wild!  So his room is very rustic and outdoorsy.  Above is his changing table with a sweet old sign I use as a shelf for his toy animals. 
Bottle brush trees are so classic and timeless!  That little red truck was my husbands when he was little. 
The cow creeping in one the right was Buster's first Christmas gift.  It was a cow/calf pair but she lost her calf...bad cow! 
Next stop down the hall is Charley Jo's room.  She's our eclectic horse lover.  If she could sleep in the barn with all her horse, she'd be one happy little girl.  Unfortunately for her, that's not an option at age 2 1/2. So we just fill it full of toy horses and hope it satisfies her enough to keep her in the house at night. 
This little nativity was mine when I was a child. 
Vintage Goldenbook prints from... you guessed it... Etsy! 
Every year we bust out tons of Christmas books from storage and replace the normal everyday storybooks with old and new Christmas stories. It keeps the kids interested. Change is so good! 
And last down that long decked out hallway is Joey May's room.  She is our old soul, mother hen of the family.  Her room is very vintage and pink.  She decorated her tree all by herself with vintage pink Christmas ornaments.  
She is the master of tea parties and as sweet as they come! 
Christmas art is so special. So far Joey is the only one old enough to really make something.  Her preschool makes the cutest crafts!  Can't wait to see what they do this year!  
Snowmen footprints!!! So easy, so cute, and so fun!  The kids and I did this project last year along with a couple extras for the grandmas.  This year I'm thinking reindeer toes or mistletoes, or maybe handprint Christmas trees...or all three, heck why not!  They are only little once!
Mema came to town and if you know my mom, you know she has a thing for gingerbread houses.  She brought a few for the girls to decorate.  They loved it!  
At this point in my life I do not enjoy cooking or baking or doing anything in the kitchen beside drinking coffee.  So this is as Betty Crocker as I get...Green Christmas Wreath Cookies. So simple!!!!  The girls were a lot of "really good" help. 
Buster just supervised and made sure the finished product tasted alright. Maybe someday I'll grow up and enjoy cooking and baking...but today is not that day!
On your way out the door you'll see more bottle brush trees and a Merry Christmas banner.  
Step out the back door and you'll find a little surprise...
When you own an Airstream camper,  you decorate it
for Christmas!  It's in the rule book...and it just has to be done! 
Curious pen of replacement heifers wondering what in the world I am doing. 
...annnnnnd then the very next day it snowed!!!
When it snows on your Airstream camper, you take pictures of it...it's in the rule book.  It's just what you do. 
...one more...
...okay now I'm on done!  
Moving on...
So that brings us to my holiday style picks! Cute and comfy are a MUST for the holidays so above are my top 6 picks just to get you started. Blankets scarves are still hot this year (literally) and we've got plenty to choose from!  Beanies make great stocking stuffers. Festive tees and super soft sweaters are always a good idea to stick under the tree.  
Last but definitely not least...Ring in the New Year in our rose gold Sequin Maxi Skirt!  (Currently sold out but trying like hell to restock it!!!)  Shop all these looks at therollinj.com. Use code HOLIDAYBLOG at checkout for 10% off your next order! Shopping in store? Just mention the blog at checkout and we'll be glad to hook you up! Now through 12/31/16!
So from our home to yours, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you so much for taking the time to go on this Holiday Home Tour with me!  This sleigh ride is signing off!  Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! 
Shelly Jo
of The Rollin J 

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Stay tuned for my Holiday Blog to hit the site soon! 

It's the most wonderful time of the year! 



of The Rollin J

Shelly Jo 

Handy AF

WIFE | MOM | BOSS... HANDY AF mo fo.  
Let me start off by letting y'all know I have a tendency to cuss a little.  I swear it's not intentional and it really does just slip out every once in awhile.  Some days are good, other days I use the F word like a comma.  But you know what they say about people that cuss...


They are HONEST! 


Yep, that's me...an honest bonafide sinner that gives it all to God. I'm honest to the bone... So honest it hurts sometimes... just a big ol effing ball of blunt, honest, hard working, strong loving WIFE | MOM | BOSS! 

So, none the less, let's be honest.  Living on a ranch has made me cuss a little more.  I don't know what it is but working cattle and cussing just go hand in hand.  It's also made me have to step it up a little in the handiness department.  Because if you ain't HANDY AF (as f@ck) you will get left behind!  (Insert hand on the hip and a z snap) 


Above:  All sorts of handiness going on at Rollin J Ranch branding 2016.  We always have such a great crew of HANDY AF Cowboys and ground crew.  They work and play hard ;) 

As a ranch wife you have to do all sorts of things.  Cook, clean, raise little HANDY AF ranchy babies.  Do laundry, run the errands, pay the bills.  Feed the cats, feed the dogs, feed the horses and the cows.  Build fence, fix fence, ACT AS A FENCE.  Tag calves, brand calves, sort pairs.  Run the chute, work the gate, load the trailer, you name it...we have to be ready and willing to do it!  We have to be


Above :  Buster and I being HANDY AF pushing calves in the bud box.  High five and fist bumps all around.

But seriously, who doesn't want to be labeled as HANDY AF?!?!  Handy people are the best kind!

Above: HANDY AF unisex t-shirt exclusivity at The Rollin J!  So super duper soft you'll freak! 

So this T-shirt is for all those HANDY AF people in our lives.  Whether it's you yourself... Your parents for always being so handy to have around while you raise your babies. Your boyfriend, husband, or dad for making you that damn Pinterest project you couldn't live without. Your grandparents for teaching you all the old fashioned ways of living. Your sisters, brothers, bffs, teachers, coaches, employees...you know who they are!  This one is for them, the HANDY AF people that we love!  Join the tribe...the HANDY AF tribe!  Wear it loud and proud and if someone might be offended by the occasional F word (believe it or not there are those kinds out there), just tell them it stands for affiliated foods, smile and walk away :))))

Till next time,

Xoxo Shelly Jo 

WIFE | MOM | BOSS of The Rollin J 

This shirt is available in store and online at therollinj.com 

We want to see your HANDY AF tee!  Use hashtag #handyaf and tag @therollinj on Instagram 

Retired Professional Camper

WIFE | MOM | BOSS...Retired Professional Camper. Yep, you heard me, retired professional camper.  Just me, my husband, a lawn chair, and a cooler of beer.  Kicked back by the campfire roasting marshmallows and shootin' the shit.  It didn't pay well but man it was a good time!  

Now our camping days consist of me chasing three small children around, jumping out of my chair every two seconds a kid steps within 8 feet of the campfire.  Yelling at my husband because our two year old is trying to drive the golf cart away, burnt hotdogs, charcoal marshmallows, sleepless nights, and lots of WORK.  Just plain WORK!  What once was a easy get away, now leaves me dog tired and a little cranky.  But I'm not going to hang up my camp gear just yet.  I think we'll just wait awhile, get a little age on these three babies and try it again in a year or two...or five...or ten.  

In the mean time I will just keep collecting campers and hoarding them in our back pasture.  Yes, I have a small camper collection... it makes my husband really happy:))))))) (insert sarcasm). 

Above: My (pride and joy) 1986 Airstream Sovereign 

Below: Me having coffee with my (pride and joy) 1986 Airstream Sovereign

Above: Our oldest playing in the vintage "Glamper" I fixed up for a playhouse.  

Below: Kitchen of the Glamper. My mama made the curtains out of vintage sheets...that's my favorite part! 


Which brings me to the next look I've styled with a couple of our new arrivals.  Yes, for some weird reason this look was inspired by my vintage camper collection, love for camping, and overall obsession with Fall! Just do me a huge favor and do not wear this look while camping.  That would be weird and you will probably get ate by a bear or twirl your skirt into the campfire or something super amateur like that. 


I love this look so much!  It's fun to step outside the box and try something bold, and that's just what this look is all about!  It would be perfect for a Fall wedding, Thanskgiving (if your family is fancy like that...mine is not!  Thank gawwwwd!  Two words: elastic waistband) Or I'd even carry this look over into the holidays and just add little sparkle with some fun accessories.  So festive!  


Our Lumber Jill Plaid Shirt is a feminine twist on the ever so popular buffalo check flannel.  

The camel colored elbow patches go perfectly with our #1 selling Rebel Tulle skirt.

Let's talk about this belt... Remember when Miranda Lambert did the denim shirt, sequin skirt, and bad ass belt "get up" at the CMA's???  Yeah, she nailed it!  So the very next morning after that performance, I called up my homegirl, Kristin at Double J Saddlery (we tight), and asked her to do her own take on that killer belt...and then Kristin NAILED IT and we've stocked it ever since. This belt makes so many outfits come together!  

Seeeeee it's so great!  Thanks Kristin! 

Add some turquoise to the mix for a pop of color.

So cute...so classy...The Lumber Jill Plaid and Rebel Tulle Skirt!  Available in store and online at therollinj.com  Belt and Turquoise ring are also available on the website! 

Thanks for your time and have a great week! 

Shelly Jo

WIFE | MOM | BOSS of The Rollin J 


Mom Hat Monday


WIFE | MOM | BOSS in that order!  Although to be perfectly honest sometimes the MOM duties trump the WIFE duties.  Okay not sometimes, pretty much all the time:).  Sorry honey!  As I sit here at home with a sick baby girl I found myself thinking about the BOSS hat I should be wearing today but instead I'm stuck at home chasing a two year old to and from the bathroom all while trying to explain to her that fruit snacks and milk are not going to make her tummy feel any better...and jumping in muddy puddles like Peppa Pig are not things we do when we don't feel good.  I'd actually let her do that part but I'm not willing to clean up ANOTHER mess today so I was "mean mommy" and told her no.  So today, like everyday, it's Mom Hat Monday...I mean lets be real, this Mom hat doesn't ever come off, not even in the shower lol!  But today I'm tossing the Boss hat to the birds and lovin' up on my sick little sweetheart. 


However, the truth is I'm totally chomping at the bit to get to work, unpack new arrivals, photograph the shit out of them, and share all the new goodies with you!!!!!  But I can't, not today, I have way better things to do like watch The Little Mermaid and rock MY little red head, listen to her talk about horses and cows and her DADDY... heart eyes for days...that girl loves her daddy:))))  So to calm my BOSS mode intuitions and totally embrace this day with my babe, I'm going to give y'all a little sneak peek of what's to come this week!   She's napping right now, so it's time well spent ;)  


We traveled to Lawrence, KS this past weekend for my nieces 2nd birthday party.  Good times had by all!!!  These kids sure know how to party...it's almost like it's in their blood ;) wink wink.  

We also checked out their local pumpkin patch and all 4 kids had some pumpkin fun!  I dressed my ADORABLE sister-in-law (model mama) up in some of our new arrivals and made her pose like a fool while I snapped a few pics.  

It was funny and slightly embarrassing but the pictures turned out totally BA so it was well worth all the weird looks we got!  

It's probably one of our favorite looks this Fall and I couldn't wait to share it with you!  Keep an eye out this week for the Desperado Tank, new Favorite Plaid Tunic, and our Retro Rodeo Vest to hit the site!  The Joe's Jeans and Lovley Bird hat are already up and ready to order!  

Thank you so much for your time and have a lovey week! 


Shelly Jo 

WIFE | MOM | BOSS of The Rollin J