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The "Mom Jean"
Embrace it ladies...these jeans are the next big thing whether you like it or not. I'm talking high waisted, long butt, straight eighties baby. (Am I selling them to ya yet?).

Seriously though, they really are a dream come true.  Tried and tested by yours truly, and let me tell you, I am a believer! The high waist keeps everything effortlessly in place bend after bend, lift after'll never have to adjust your shit again.  It's a step up to the long time favorite "Boyfriend Jean".  However, the "Mom Jean" has your back and is a little easier to trust.  Seriously so comfy and might I add super easy to wear too!

Distressed denim has always been our thing here at The Rollin J and we're happy to see it's still trending strong. Holy jeans are so great, it gives your toddlers something to do, grab, twist, name it they just can't keep their hands off of it! Plus it makes for good conversation with the older generation at the coffee shop.

Featured here are our Joe's Jeans Debbie Crops. Keep an eye out for more styles to hit the store this Spring and Summer. The "Mom Jean" is gonna be a hot one...even if you're not a mom!


Speaking of moms... who else can relate? Lol!

Thanks for reading! Have a super week! 


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