MOMpreneur Balancing Act

MOMpreneur Balancing Act


Mompreneur is a neologism defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.

Also see : Crazy Ass BossMom that dreams too big, works too hard, and is just trying not to lose her shit on a daily basis all while raising her beautiful children. Praying each day asking God for help and reassurance that she is, in fact doing her best and begging him to please help make sure these precious children don't turn out to be little assholes.

But really... I am doing my best. I never dreamed of being an entrepreneur, I've just always had a hard time taking orders from others. That sounds terrible but it's true. I mean I'll totally do it and do it right, but I'm not gonna looooove doing it unless it's mine. My idea, my creativity, my dream. That's why I didn't choose this MOMpreneur life, it chose me.
These Aloha Funday Tees are so me and my little Joey May!  She's a free spirit, fun seeker, and always ready for an adventure. 


My mom stayed home with my two sisters and I but she always had that entrepreneurial spirit. She was a seamstress and probably the very first movement of the "MOMpreneur" she always had gobs of sewing to do for others and plenty of projects of her own. Our living room could've easily been the storefront for Etsy. No joke. She was always busting out new projects and chipping in those few extra dollars to help pay the bills. My dad was was the poster child for the blue collar, hard working American man of the house. He worked 8-5 for the gas company and then came straight home to his wife and kids and started the dad thing, never missing a beat.  I watched them do it and it seemed so easy!  Boy was I wrong!  
With the MOMpreneur title comes the mom guilt bullshit.  The guilt that makes me want to say F it and stay home with my kids, let them destroy the house, and snuggle half the day away...and there are days we do just that!  But the mom guilt still frequently consumes me and it's hard to shake. Having an awesome supportive husband, a great team of employees, and a good trusty babysitter makes it a lot easier to balance life and give the mom guilt the bird.  
...and yes, I'm totally trying to sell you these mommy and me matching tees.  Our Raises on Honky Tonk Tee is so Charley Jo. We don't call her "Good time Charley" for nothin'. This chick is a hoot. 
I've learned over the past five years of motherhood that BALANCE is the key! Schedules and structure are so important when raising little ones and running a business. Not only for them, but for me as well. I've taught myself to work and work hard only when the kids are at daycare. Get everything done before I pick them up. I'm talking everything! Laundry, dishes, cleaning (although shit got real when the third kid came along, and mama got herself a cleaning lady), emails, orders, and everyday business owner stuff. I don't want my kids to remember me scrubbing toilets, folding laundry, and glued to my iPhone. I want them to remember all the rad and wild adventures we went on because I got all that boring shit done while they were playing with their daycare friends.
Buster keeps it Rad 🤘🏼and I try to keep it wild 😜 ...these Tees though! 

I want to relax with my husband, pop open a cold one, turn on some honky tonk, and just watch our children play. Just like my parents did!

Isn't he RAD?!?! 😍😍😍
I know what you're thinking...good gravy, it's not all rainbows, fun, and sun, Shelly Jo. I know that and believe me when these kids are old enough to fold laundry, clean the house, and sort cows... by God they are going to do it! But for now, while they are little, we will do adventures, and picnics, and goofing off because that's how I remember my childhood. Owning our keeps and doing our chores but always balancing it out with fun and adventure.  So if you're a MOMpreneur struggling to keep the balance, just remember, your kids are little and they need you! Not you and your iPhone, or you and your 17 loads of laundry!  Just you being mommy. 

So here's to the MOMpreneurs! Go easy on're doing the best you can! The balancing act doesn't come easy, so just remember to make it fun, and wild, and be sure to dance it out and tip one back every once in awhile. 
 Warning ⚠️: Be very cautious when doing the mommy and me outfit thing. One bad sugar high, or a redheaded temper tantrum and you're busted. You can no longer act as if you don't know that cranky out of control child.  You my dear, have to claim them, because you have the matching t-shirt. That little asshole is all yours and there is no hiding from it. 
Shelly Jo
of The Rollin J
All photo credit goes to my girl, Kassidy Roth! 
She put up with a lot of me "losing my shit" to capture these amazing photos I'll cherish forever! Thanks girl! 
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