Comfy Cute

Comfy Cute

I am smack dab in the middle of my 2nd trimester and already in FULL comfort mode.

Let me just start by saying... you will never catch me using the word "Bae" but you guys, this light-weight tank is hilarious! I mean seriously, give me all the Bacon & Eggs. Just writing this makes me want BAE. 😂 Plus it's long and stretchy so doubles as maternity wear! 🙌🏼

The grey ultra soft cardigan is the sweatpants of cardigans (seriously feels like a dream) and no surprise sold out FAST!! Will let you guys know if it will be restocked. 

These breakout loungers have have been my go-to lately. Who doesn't love an adorable pair of comfs to lounge around in?! These babies come in Black, Grey & Ivory and are under $40. Total steal!


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xoxo Jen


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