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 Well folks, if you've been following along, we've made it to 34 weeks of this pregnancy. With it being the last week to travel before baby arrives we decided to pack up and head west to our little hometown of Phillipsburg, Kansas. Both my husband and I's families reside there so our daughter LOVES to go back and see all of her "peoples."

But the road trips are getting harder and I'm starting to feel rather pregnant so I thought what better than to make a pit stop at The Rollin' J for a quick pick me up.

Shopping is good for the soul, ya'll!

We spent the weekend on my dad's farm where I grew up so took advantage of the {glamorous} tin buildings, grain bins, diesel tanks and zebras for a good photo sesh to show you guys some new pieces I found at The Rollin' J.

There is something so fun about a floral, off the shoulder dress & this one caught my eye immediately... Paired with a floppy hat & some cute zebras, I felt like I was on a safari.

Fun Fact: I grew up with exotic animals. That's normal, right? 😝

Another fun fact: All of these zebras are pregnant, too!


Moving on to the diesel tank. :) Thanks for all the rad props, Dad!


This Z Supply dress is sooo comfy & I just love the fact that I'll be able to wear all of these clothes post baby. Hard to believe our little buckaroo will be here next month.

Also SO obsessed with this thunderbird necklace. If you're looking to invest in a boho statement piece, this is it!


Last but not least...



The black & white striped midi dress. 

I'm carrying this baby SO LOW that dresses are literally the only comfortable thing to wear. So I was super pumped when I saw this sundress in store that was the perfect length. PLUS, it has pockets. Pockets people!! 🙌🏼

Also you guys, this backpack is the best. 100% real leather and totally classy! I had a shoulder diaper bag with Harper and it was always in the way or falling off when I bent over. Having 2 hands will definitely be a must with a baby and a toddler.

(Not that you have to use this bag as a diaper bag. It's convertible and can be a cross body or shoulder bag as well)

You can find all of these pieces at The Rollin' J in store and online. It's a one stop shop & obviously my favorite. Let me know if you have any questions.

As always, thanks for following along. 😘



Jen Keesee

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