Mom Hat Monday

Mom Hat Monday


WIFE | MOM | BOSS in that order!  Although to be perfectly honest sometimes the MOM duties trump the WIFE duties.  Okay not sometimes, pretty much all the time:).  Sorry honey!  As I sit here at home with a sick baby girl I found myself thinking about the BOSS hat I should be wearing today but instead I'm stuck at home chasing a two year old to and from the bathroom all while trying to explain to her that fruit snacks and milk are not going to make her tummy feel any better...and jumping in muddy puddles like Peppa Pig are not things we do when we don't feel good.  I'd actually let her do that part but I'm not willing to clean up ANOTHER mess today so I was "mean mommy" and told her no.  So today, like everyday, it's Mom Hat Monday...I mean lets be real, this Mom hat doesn't ever come off, not even in the shower lol!  But today I'm tossing the Boss hat to the birds and lovin' up on my sick little sweetheart. 


However, the truth is I'm totally chomping at the bit to get to work, unpack new arrivals, photograph the shit out of them, and share all the new goodies with you!!!!!  But I can't, not today, I have way better things to do like watch The Little Mermaid and rock MY little red head, listen to her talk about horses and cows and her DADDY... heart eyes for days...that girl loves her daddy:))))  So to calm my BOSS mode intuitions and totally embrace this day with my babe, I'm going to give y'all a little sneak peek of what's to come this week!   She's napping right now, so it's time well spent ;)  


We traveled to Lawrence, KS this past weekend for my nieces 2nd birthday party.  Good times had by all!!!  These kids sure know how to's almost like it's in their blood ;) wink wink.  

We also checked out their local pumpkin patch and all 4 kids had some pumpkin fun!  I dressed my ADORABLE sister-in-law (model mama) up in some of our new arrivals and made her pose like a fool while I snapped a few pics.  

It was funny and slightly embarrassing but the pictures turned out totally BA so it was well worth all the weird looks we got!  

It's probably one of our favorite looks this Fall and I couldn't wait to share it with you!  Keep an eye out this week for the Desperado Tank, new Favorite Plaid Tunic, and our Retro Rodeo Vest to hit the site!  The Joe's Jeans and Lovley Bird hat are already up and ready to order!  

Thank you so much for your time and have a lovey week! 


Shelly Jo 

WIFE | MOM | BOSS of The Rollin J 





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