Retired Professional Camper

WIFE | MOM | BOSS...Retired Professional Camper. Yep, you heard me, retired professional camper.  Just me, my husband, a lawn chair, and a cooler of beer.  Kicked back by the campfire roasting marshmallows and shootin' the shit.  It didn't pay well but man it was a good time!  

Now our camping days consist of me chasing three small children around, jumping out of my chair every two seconds a kid steps within 8 feet of the campfire.  Yelling at my husband because our two year old is trying to drive the golf cart away, burnt hotdogs, charcoal marshmallows, sleepless nights, and lots of WORK.  Just plain WORK!  What once was a easy get away, now leaves me dog tired and a little cranky.  But I'm not going to hang up my camp gear just yet.  I think we'll just wait awhile, get a little age on these three babies and try it again in a year or two...or five...or ten.  

In the mean time I will just keep collecting campers and hoarding them in our back pasture.  Yes, I have a small camper collection... it makes my husband really happy:))))))) (insert sarcasm). 

Above: My (pride and joy) 1986 Airstream Sovereign 

Below: Me having coffee with my (pride and joy) 1986 Airstream Sovereign

Above: Our oldest playing in the vintage "Glamper" I fixed up for a playhouse.  

Below: Kitchen of the Glamper. My mama made the curtains out of vintage sheets...that's my favorite part! 


Which brings me to the next look I've styled with a couple of our new arrivals.  Yes, for some weird reason this look was inspired by my vintage camper collection, love for camping, and overall obsession with Fall! Just do me a huge favor and do not wear this look while camping.  That would be weird and you will probably get ate by a bear or twirl your skirt into the campfire or something super amateur like that. 


I love this look so much!  It's fun to step outside the box and try something bold, and that's just what this look is all about!  It would be perfect for a Fall wedding, Thanskgiving (if your family is fancy like that...mine is not!  Thank gawwwwd!  Two words: elastic waistband) Or I'd even carry this look over into the holidays and just add little sparkle with some fun accessories.  So festive!  


Our Lumber Jill Plaid Shirt is a feminine twist on the ever so popular buffalo check flannel.  

The camel colored elbow patches go perfectly with our #1 selling Rebel Tulle skirt.

Let's talk about this belt... Remember when Miranda Lambert did the denim shirt, sequin skirt, and bad ass belt "get up" at the CMA's???  Yeah, she nailed it!  So the very next morning after that performance, I called up my homegirl, Kristin at Double J Saddlery (we tight), and asked her to do her own take on that killer belt...and then Kristin NAILED IT and we've stocked it ever since. This belt makes so many outfits come together!  

Seeeeee it's so great!  Thanks Kristin! 

Add some turquoise to the mix for a pop of color.

So classy...The Lumber Jill Plaid and Rebel Tulle Skirt!  Available in store and online at  Belt and Turquoise ring are also available on the website! 

Thanks for your time and have a great week! 

Shelly Jo

WIFE | MOM | BOSS of The Rollin J 


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  • Cass Sitz says...

    This is camptastic. Love all of it. You always had it in you, I knew that the day you dressed me in jeans, heels, and a T-shirt. Oh and don’t forget that long string of pearls you threw over my head before we walked out the door heading to none other than the horse races! You always had that vision of effortless style that would take someone like me three years to think of. I hate you for that, but dammit I love you for it.

    On October 09, 2016

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