Handy AF

WIFE | MOM | BOSS... HANDY AF mo fo.  
Let me start off by letting y'all know I have a tendency to cuss a little.  I swear it's not intentional and it really does just slip out every once in awhile.  Some days are good, other days I use the F word like a comma.  But you know what they say about people that cuss...


They are HONEST! 


Yep, that's me...an honest bonafide sinner that gives it all to God. I'm honest to the bone... So honest it hurts sometimes... just a big ol effing ball of blunt, honest, hard working, strong loving WIFE | MOM | BOSS! 

So, none the less, let's be honest.  Living on a ranch has made me cuss a little more.  I don't know what it is but working cattle and cussing just go hand in hand.  It's also made me have to step it up a little in the handiness department.  Because if you ain't HANDY AF (as f@ck) you will get left behind!  (Insert hand on the hip and a z snap) 


Above:  All sorts of handiness going on at Rollin J Ranch branding 2016.  We always have such a great crew of HANDY AF Cowboys and ground crew.  They work and play hard ;) 

As a ranch wife you have to do all sorts of things.  Cook, clean, raise little HANDY AF ranchy babies.  Do laundry, run the errands, pay the bills.  Feed the cats, feed the dogs, feed the horses and the cows.  Build fence, fix fence, ACT AS A FENCE.  Tag calves, brand calves, sort pairs.  Run the chute, work the gate, load the trailer, you name it...we have to be ready and willing to do it!  We have to be


Above :  Buster and I being HANDY AF pushing calves in the bud box.  High five and fist bumps all around.

But seriously, who doesn't want to be labeled as HANDY AF?!?!  Handy people are the best kind!

Above: HANDY AF unisex t-shirt exclusivity at The Rollin J!  So super duper soft you'll freak! 

So this T-shirt is for all those HANDY AF people in our lives.  Whether it's you yourself... Your parents for always being so handy to have around while you raise your babies. Your boyfriend, husband, or dad for making you that damn Pinterest project you couldn't live without. Your grandparents for teaching you all the old fashioned ways of living. Your sisters, brothers, bffs, teachers, coaches, employees...you know who they are!  This one is for them, the HANDY AF people that we love!  Join the tribe...the HANDY AF tribe!  Wear it loud and proud and if someone might be offended by the occasional F word (believe it or not there are those kinds out there), just tell them it stands for affiliated foods, smile and walk away :))))

Till next time,

Xoxo Shelly Jo 

WIFE | MOM | BOSS of The Rollin J 

This shirt is available in store and online at therollinj.com 

We want to see your HANDY AF tee!  Use hashtag #handyaf and tag @therollinj on Instagram 

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  • Kendra Pometta says...

    Do you have this shirt available?? Handy AF in a large? Or medium if it’s oversized

    On December 26, 2016

  • Carly says...

    I love the realness of this thank you for being you

    On October 26, 2016

  • Cassandra says...

    Long before kids and cattle, Shelly has been known to get shit done. Not only with her creativity in design and decor, that I remember from long ago in her loft apartment above an old jewelry store on Central Ave, but by constantly reinventing herself and her endless wardrobe. Although, lots has changed trading beers and bars for babies and bottles. One thing remains the same, Shelly has and always will stick to her small town roots and her cowboy boots, branded with that charm of poetic profanity. Cheers to your ever changing journey. I may not be riding shotgun as much as I used to, but I’m always proud to be on the wagon.

    On October 24, 2016

  • Sherry Gillihan says...

    Love, love, love this blog for SO many reasons! For one it is Handy AF insight into the Ranch life! Plus… I have been known to cuss a little! ;)

    On October 24, 2016

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