Urban Agriculture Veggie Grow Kits

$ 19.95


Pick just one or grow all three! Your mini organic garden awaits you! 


*Featured in Oprah's 2016 Gift Guide as Product of the Year

Urban Agriculture grow kits come with one pack of organic seeds, one portioned bag of organic soil, and a stylish urban grow container for your plant.

Our tomatoes are determinant – meaning they only grow to a certain size, so no pruning is necessary unless the plants are damaged.

Soil should be kept moist, but not soggy, a good way to determine if your plant needs water is to poke your finger about an inch under the soil – if moist no need to water.

A balanced fertilizer can be helpful once the plant starts flowering.


Cucumbers like warmth. Make sure you place them in direct sunlight.

Cucumbers require frequent deep watering so the vegetables will not become bitter tasting.

Cucumbers like to climb. Use a trellis or small wire cage to encourage correct growth.


Choose a location for the plant that gets at least 6 hours of sun every day. Keep the soil consistently moist but without being soggy so water the seedlings every day in summer or every second day if it’s a bit cooler. 

Apply a liquid fertiliser every two weeks to keep a steady growth. This will help to stop them from becoming tough.

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