MuMu Barney Bells

$ 20.00 $ 140.00

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Deep dark navy blue, bright white, warm mustard, and rich maroon all come together to give Honeysuckle Paisley Spandy her charm. Absolutely enchanting with her flowers, paisley, and tendrils. That spandy stretches as you groove. Silver, chrome, and pewter all make her go weak in the knees, but she also like warmer metals like bronze and gold.

Y’all know our beloved Bam Bam Bells, but did you know Bam Bam has a papa? Yup, Barney Bells are just like Bam, but the bells are bigger, and cut a little shorter, but still hitting the floor in sneaks or a low boot. Great with an oversized sweater or cami and cardigan. 

Fits true to size.

95% Polyester. 5% Spandex.

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