Goodnight Darling Co. Rose Geranium Wooden Wick Candle

$ 9.00


Falling in love is everything! It’s the most alluring, addictive experience in the universe. One taste of true love is all it takes to make you realize you’ve been starving – and it makes you insatiable. Every kiss, cuddle, and touch leaves you spellbound. And the mental connection? Swoooon. Falling in love is everything – even if you’re only drunk in love with yourself. Infused with intoxicating depth, complexity, and a splash of violet, Rose Geranium is designed to make you fall dangerously in love.

Scent Profile: Rose, Geranium, Flowery & Base Notes.

This scent is available in a 2 oz. sample or a 9 oz. glass tumbler.

Goodnight Darling Co.'s hand-poured, natural soy artisan candles burn for 60+ hours. Their candles are made with phthalate-free perfumes. Be a responsible keeper of the flame. Never leave candles burning unattended.

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