Goodnight Darling Co. Black Lavender Body Wash & Deep Detox Bath Soak

$ 5.50


Escape the madness in the bath or a shower...

Goodnight Darling Co. Black Lavender Body Wash:

Lie back, relax and soak in the tranquil ocean vibes. Embrace the warmth of the sunshine, its golden rays caressing your skin as the light ocean breeze keeps you feeling cool and refreshed. Serenity owns the scene. You close your heavy-lidded eyes and experience the world with your other senses. As the gentle crash of the ocean’s waves awakens you from your nap, the fresh breeze, scented with sea salt and lavender, reminds you that paradise truly does exist.

This body wash is available in an 8 oz. glass bottle.

Goodnight Darling Co. Deep Detox Bath Soak:

Escape the urban jungle. Goodnight Darling Co. blends Pink Himalayan and dead sea salts by hand, accents them with rose petals, and mixes in soothing eucalyptus and lavender essential oils. The result? A sensuous, powerful, detox bath that melts every muscle.

This bath soak is available in a 1.75 oz. sample or 8 oz. glass bottle.

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